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Are you ready to reduce your stress, reclaim your self-care and realign with what matters to you?

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In the Suite, we believe that self-care isn't selfish. It's restorative, necessary, honors the purpose of your existence and prioritizes your wellness.

I'm here to help you understand and care for yourself like never before.

And I'm not talking occasional bubble baths and momentary stress relief.

I'm talking about spacious wellness.

Guilt free wellness

Sustainable wellness

Peace of mind wellness

Feel good in your body wellness

Elevated spiritual wellness

Supportive community wellness

Boundary enforcing wellness

Soul nourishing wellness

Wellness to live life from a place of fullness and overflow instead of exhaustion and overwhelm

Wellness to enjoy the life you're living and to be present for those you love

Join The Suite and decrease your stress, deepen your self-care and do more of what matters to you this year.

I provide everything you need. Training. Coaching. Practical systems. Wellness wisdom. And community. The Suite brings it all together for you.

It's time to reclaim your wellness.

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The Suite is a space for women who understand the depth of care necessary to show up as the best version of yourself everyday.

The Suite is excellent for you if you:

want accountability

need a wellness strategy

know your current lifestyle isn't leading you in the direction you want to go

If you are a receptive soul, eager to learn and improve your well-being, join me!

My promise to you.

When you join The Suite:

You will begin to own your health and well-being

You will start feeling better

You will elevate your thoughts

You will become more connected and aware

Join me and you will improve your wellness

Tracie Braylock

Founder of This Holistic Life & Suite Holistic

The Problem

Stress is at epidemic levels



Preventable Sickness

Not being well

The Solution

It's time for women to heal and thrive

Enter: Suite Holistic

An online community and wellness space for women

Our Mission

Teach women how to take charge of their health and well-being

"But I don't have time. I have too many people and responsibilities to take care of. Maybe it's possible for other people, but not for me.

Peek inside The Suite

What exactly happens inside Suite Holistic?

Here's a peek at what takes place inside:

Plus, you get access to all four This Holistic Life programs:

Code Calm

Self-Care Conscious

Holistic Habits

The Integrative Intensive

About This Holistic Life

This Holistic Life is a female-run company specializing in holistic and integrative health, healing, stress relief, self-care and wellness education.

I have one mission:

To help you optimize your health

This Holistic Life was founded by Tracie Braylock, a holistic nurse educator and wellness coach. Tracie started her career in the operating room.

Today, she's the owner of an independent, online wellness education company, mother of four and writer featured in publications like Thrive Global, the American Holistic Nurses Association's Beginnings Magazine and Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Suite Holistic will help you get unstuck, transform your mindset and shift you on the path of wellness you know you can be on

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